How cedar cladding can add value to your home

The Value Of Western Red Cedar Cladding

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This cedar cladding has proven to be extremely durable in high humidity and high temperatures. It is resistant to rot, warping, shrinkage and shrinking. It is so strong it can withstand burning and insect-related damage. For these reasons it is used in everything from kitchen cabinets, flooring, countertops and roofing to roofs and gardens.

There is a beautiful array of colours available. From classic white to rich browns to deep rich earth tones, you will find a colour to match most colour schemes. Some customers have chosen not to stain the cedar cladding. Staining can be an easy and attractive process with the use of a power sprayer and leaving the final finish a natural looking rich brown. Although not stained the wood can still benefit from an external cedar cladding paint that is fade resistant and quick drying.

Western red cedar cladding is becomeing popular – here’s why

The western red cedar cladding has many great qualities and characteristics. It is very strong and durable. It is insect and rot resistant. It has a very tight grain which makes it ideal for furniture and other woodworking projects where tightness is required.

Many clients prefer to buy cedar wood because of its beauty and durability. The colour range is also very good with a mixture of red, brown and white. In fact clients may prefer this style of cedar cladding over other colours. They are very durable, strong and hard-wearing making them suitable for outdoor use. They are durable softwood timber with a very fine texture.

As it is very hardwood it does require protection from the sun, wind and moisture. Cladding experts will recommend that you protect your western red with an anti-ultraviolet (UV) stain. UV treated cladding has been shown to resist the growth of mould and bacteria and remain smooth and clear. A UV-stain on western red wood will also protect the wood from moisture, which makes it ideal for a cedar shiplap project.

Advantages of using red cedar cladding in your home

The western red cedar has an excellent sound quality, which makes it ideal for sound buffing. Due to its tight grain, it is a great choice for wood flooring. In addition, cladding panels in this style are very easy to hand-scrape. Western red cladding has a low resistance to rotting, cracking and warping. If you have an existing floor, this type of cladding can be applied as an overlay. Western red cedar is naturally resistant to weathering and it can be left untreated for up to 30 years.

Oak beams and oak cladding provides a high level of resistance to rotting, cracking and warping. It is extremely dense and has a fine texture, providing great aesthetics and durability timber cladding. Due to its high resistance to moisture, it is an excellent choice for an unfinished interior, such as walls. Due to its resistance to rotting, mould and bacteria, it is a great choice for a cedar shingle roof. Western red cedar wood cladding adds a rustic outdoor feel to a home.

Growth conditions, including light, air and water exposure, have an impact on the appearance and quality of Western red cedar lumber. The most favourable growth conditions include an abundance of sunlight (it is a sun-loving hardwood); cool and wet climates with a yearly rainfall. It does require a lot of hardening and treatment to prevent breaking and splintering. Due to its inherent nature as a wood, it is prone to dent and nailing. It is one of the hardest woods available, however, it is still capable of being treated to provide protection from ultraviolet light.

Cedar cladding is also very easy to stain and paint just like solid oak flooring, and it has a wide variety of polished finishes, from light to dark colours. It is versatile because it can be used in a multitude of different applications. For homes and offices, it is often used as sidings or on exterior cladding panels. It provides a unique, sophisticated look that is aesthetically pleasing. It is also valued for its ability to withstand various weather elements including temperature fluctuations and humidity, making it ideal for outdoor use.

As with other types of hardwood, the quality of Western red cedar cladding that is produced has a significant impact on the price. It is widely regarded as one of the most durable woods available and its durability makes it an excellent choice for homes and offices. Its natural beauty makes it an excellent choice for trimming and painting, especially on landscaping and garden areas. Its ability to match an existing outdoor space seamlessly makes it an excellent solution for changing the look of a room.