Making wooden beam ceilings and flooring

Wooden Beam Ceilings – are they worth it?

Wooden beams pose a number of building challenges, such as load bearing problems and poor design. Wooden beams can often be seen on commercial buildings, such as warehouses and factory floors. If wooden beams are used there, they may have seen years of neglect and wear. Wooden beams are a sign of age in a building, but fortunately, there are solutions to take care of damage and improve the performance and visual appeal of wooden beams in your building. There are numerous things you can do to prevent further damage or to fix beams that have been damaged from years of neglect.

solid oak flooring

Oak beams in particular are an important part of any home. They are both practical and beautiful, making them a favorite design element. In reality, most people really like purchasing already damaged wooden beams; it s such a great design style! Unfortunately, full-sized wooden beams are usually very expensive and extremely hard to install, causing many to turn to illegally sub-standard fake wooden beams instead. These can look just as nice as real beams, but are often made of particle board which quickly rots or splits, leaving you with a beautiful building, but with no personality or curb appeal! Using cheaper particle board allows you to avoid all these issues, saving you thousands of dollars and hours of labour!

Will wooden beams last a long time?

Fortunately, wooden beams aren’t just for industrial applications anymore, they’re used in all kinds of applications including solid oak flooring. Many home owners and small builders are starting to use them as well. However, because they are quite common in residential homes, you don t always have to be an expert wood beam maker to construct beautiful accents and walls in your home. Whether you are thinking about a simple wooden wall panel or a beautiful hand-carved wooden bookcase, you can easily construct similar accents by following a few simple steps. For inspiration, take a look at some rustic wooden beams from around your neighbourhood and online:

Begin by measuring the space you have available around your room or house. For small rooms, this is typically a patio or back yard, while larger properties may require you to build a roomy back yard. After measuring, you can get to work using your wood cutting, sawing and router skills. Choose the length and size of wood beams you want, and start by nailing them together with your nails, being careful to nail each board securely. Once the boards are properly glued and secured, you will want to add finishing details like moulding, knots and wood plaques to give the finished piece a personal touch.

What are the advantages of using wood?

For large rooms, such as living and dining rooms, you can build a more elaborate wall system using cedar cladding. As you begin your project, take a photo of your room’s floor plan and scale the elements to fit your measurements. This will make it easier when you start to assemble, as you won’t have to worry about different elements making contact with each other. Most wooden beams can be placed on their foundation, while others will need to be suspended. You will need to measure how high the ceiling will go, and then build those beams parallel to that line, being sure to allow for the height of the ceiling as you go. As you finish your installation, adding details such as molding and finials will enhance the beauty of your finishing touch.

If you prefer a more organic feel, try out one of the wooden beam kits that are available today. These kits contain pre-cut, pre-drilled and pre-assembled wood elements, allowing you to assemble your project quickly and easily. The kit includes the wooden beams, you will need to finish your walls, along with other hardware such as finials and brackets for the ceiling and corners. With these kits, all you have to do is assemble the pieces and attach the brackets and beams to the walls, just like you would with box beams. This allows you to save time, and you can create an authentic look that ties the rooms together with a unified theme.

For homes that are already constructed, you can add a touch of class by adding wooden beams in the ceilings to make them look more authentic. Many people mistakenly believe that installing wooden beams in ceilings is difficult, but this is actually not true. Many companies now offer faux wood beam kits that will allow you to easily install your own wooden beams, saving you the hassle of having to hire someone to do it for you.

Faux wood beam kits are available in many finishes, allowing you to match your wooden beams to your decor and theme much easier than if you were to purchase each piece separately. Wood beams can also be installed on your own, saving you even more time in the long run. If you want to create a new look for your home, take a trip down to your local home improvement store and ask a professional to help you install a wooden beam ceiling. You will be amazed at the results!